Do I need to buy the Filipinos warm clothes?

80-41000-b_1-2Due to the fact that most employees come from warm countries, of course they will need to buy warm clothes. If you have warm clothes you longer wear and they fit to size, you can also give them to their employees.







How quickly can visit me Filipina?

11ispThe time of arrival of the employee to work for you depends on where the employee is currently and what the status of his documents. If selected the employee whose documents are already in the design, the period of his arrival can be from 2 weeks to 2 months. If the employee is chosen from among already in Russia, he will be able to start work in a few days.







Are Filipina medical examination?

fl_15Any foreign citizen when applying for a visa passes the mandatory test for HIV and hepatitis. In addition, upon arrival, all employees undergo a medical examination. If you want to spend for the employee advanced survey, you can do this independently or in medical centers with which we have signed the contract, we can help you in the organization of such a diagnosis.







What to do if it is not possible to provide accommodation of employee?

fl_12In this case we recommend you to choose an employee from among those who are already in Russia and has a place of residence. In this case, the employee will come to your house after school to work on a fixed schedule.








I live in an apartment. Can I put the Filipino in a small room?

fl_10Philippine women are not fastidious to the living, so can live in a small room. If living conditions do not allow to allocate to the employee a separate room, that our customers often Lodge of Filipinos in rooms with young children.