28 years
Playing educational games with children. Patient in treatment.
Can work as a housekeeper. Knows English.









48 years old
Knows and prepares Asian cuisine. Can go with you on vacation in another country.
A great housekeeper. Knows English.








50 years
An excellent babysitter. Teach your child the English language.








Coming September 2016

34 years old
A great housekeeper. Teach your child the English language.








52 years
Work experience --  6 years housekeeper (moscow)









35 years old
work experience - 6yrs nanny and housekeeper (moscow)
A great housekeeper. Knows English.








46 years
Work experience - 5 years in russia, cleaner/cook (also a therapist)








48 years old
Work experience  Dubai 6yrs domestic helper, 5 yrs in Hongkong as domestic helper , 2 years in Khabarovsk as domestic helper.








23 years
work experience  2 years. nanny/cleaner in philippines.









28 years old
work experience 2years housekeeper, Moscow








35 years
with good english, worked in Russia as professional nanny, and hotel crew.


Annaliza Robles






35years old. 
(NANNY AND HOUSEKEEPER) Worked in Lebanon for 3 yrs as domestic helper.  and from 2005 to present in Russia as nanny to children ages 3 to 5 yrs old. She does housekeeping, taking care of children and sometimes cooking when  needed. 


Betty Sumaya






48 years

MASSAGE THERAPIST/NANNY - Worked in Hongkong for 5 yrs as Nanny to new born with Massage. In russia from 2013 as Massage Therapist in Salon.








NANNY/HOUSEKEEPER - worked in Hongkong for 4yrs as nanny and housekeeper for 2 families.  1st family has childred aged 3 and 6, 2nd family has childred aged 7 and 9. In both families her main job is to look after the children and she also does the cleaning, ironing and sometimes cooking asian foods for the family.








48 years old.

HOUSEKEEPER - worked in Taiwan for 2 yrs as domestic helper. and in Hongkong for 12 yrs as domestic helper.  Good in Ironing.








46 years old.

(college graduate) Worked in Singapore for 2years as Nanny and domestic helper, 4 years in Hongkong as domestic helper and 3 years in Israel as caregiver. in Moscow as Nanny and Housekeeper.


Maritess Albino






(college graduate, BS Nursing) Maritess is an experienced babysitter from children ages 0 to 3 years as per recommendation given by the last employer in moscow. She has  2 years experience in Hongkong as domestic helper and nanny. and 2years experience in Moscow. She does cleaning, organizing of stuffs inside the house and ironing too.  She also does the tutorial of English language to the child that she nannied. Can also cook simple european and asian foods, and foods for the baby. Willing to work as full time stay in.









(college graduate)  worked in Hongkong for 6 years as domestic helper.  Worked in Moscow for 2 years as Housekeeper in an elite family.  (just finished contract). Her main duty is cleaning, ironing, vacuuming, and some other tasks that may be given by the employer. Good in organizing stuffs inside the house.


Rosario Palencia






(just arrived to moscow) - college level - 3 years experience in Hongkong as domestic helper and caregiver.  As domestic helper she also does babysitting and tutorial  for 2 children.  She also does caregiving to an 85 year old chinese woman, she stayed with the old woman, feed her, clean etc. She can cook Asian foods as well.  Ready for full time stay in jobs.








College graduate, BS in elementary education - (just arrived to Moscow) 3years experience in Hongkong as nanny for 2 children and housekeeper as well. Good in ironing and can cook asian foods. 


Dennis M. Javier






28 years. old - college level.  Massage therapist) 2 yrs experience in Rostov-on-don as Massage therapist in a hotel and as hotel attendant.  1 yr experience in Moscow as massage theraphist in a hotel outside moscow or dacha.  Willing to work as male housekeeper also.



Maryrose Poblete






(HRM graduate) has great experience as caregiver in Singapore, Japan and Canada.  2years in Moscow are part time housekeeper and sometimes nanny.  Looking for part time jobs.


Jeanete C. Alabat






38 years old - college level. (Nanny/Housekeeper) -  3 years experience in Hongkong as domestic helper and nanny. She does babysitting, cleaning, ironing, washing, vacuuming and cooking as well.  1year experience in Moscow as Cleaner in dacha. Looking for housekeeping jobs only on full time stay out.  Good in ironing.


Frenda B. Serna






50 years old. college level (Housekeeper) 5 years experience in Moscow as part time cleaner.


Marilou B. Bandao






39 years old. college level ( Nanny/Housekeeper) - 8 yrs experience in Hongkong as domestic helper and nanny.  Knows how to cook also.  She does babysitting, dogsitting, cleaning, ironing vacuuming.  Willing to work as full time stay out.