foto10Of course. Filipina specialists in the household and each has many years of experience in this field before we begin to recommend. In addition their services are not expensive. Their summary is primarily based on the excellent feedback from previous customers.
Thus, ordering the Philippine staff through our Agency, you are fully protected from fraud and poor service.

A lot! First of all. it is the care and upbringing of their children. All of them are fluent in English and able to teach it.
Otherwise, their responsibilities consists of your needs. Again, to do housework they can do almost everything.

  • housekeeping, including the maintenance of order on the shelves, in cupboards and in the chests (if permitted by employer);
  • washing, Ironing, care of wardrobe and shoes;
  • washing Windows, washing curtains;
  • change of bed linen;
  • watering flowers, taking care of them;
  • caring for household Pets;
  • cooking children and the entire family;